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Eligibility Criteria for the 8123 Rashan Program A Comprehensive Guide

5566 Rashan Program, known as Ehsaas Rashan, is a poverty-reducing scheme launched by Pakistan’s government that aims to provide nutritious food items at reasonable prices for financially disadvantaged families and individuals. To achieve this, our plan is to work alongside Utility Stores nationwide, creating huge saving opportunities on grocery products and other food items such as vegetables and fruits, which aim to help reduce financial pressures and improve food security.

Now, the available route for the 5566 Rashan Program has no online application form. Nevertheless, by following the steps below, you will be able to use the program to your advantage. Eligible criteria, the process of alternative registration, and the participant’s reasons for participating — all will be discussed and analyzed.

Who Can Register for the 5566 Rashan Program?

Rashan Program for 5566 processes:

  • Prioritizes low-income strata.
  • Citizenship: Must be Pakistani.
  • Income Level: Helps those at the poverty level through monetary evidence.
  • Eligibility verification via text message.
  • Information on program offers and related services.
  • Notification of eligibility status and poverty scores.

You will not only be able to verify your eligibility for the program by texting ‘CNIC number without hyphens’ to [benchmark] but you can also learn about exciting offers and other related services. You will be notified through a reply indicative of whether you’re eligible or excluded and also your poverty scores.

Eligibility CriteriaRegistration Methods
Prioritizes low-income strataSMS Registration: Send CNIC number to 5566
Must be a Pakistani citizenIn-Person Registration at Utility Stores: Visit Utility Store with CNIC
Helps those at the poverty level
Eligibility verification via text message
Notification of eligibility status and poverty scores

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Registering for the 5566 Rashan Program: Available Options

While there’s no online application form at this time, there are two alternative ways to register for the program, While there’s no online application form at this time, there are two alternative ways to register for the program:

SMS Registration: This is the option that is preferred by desert walkers who use the storage capabilities of their mobile phones. Kindly text your CNIC (missing out dashes) to the shortcode 5566. That is the point of registration for the program and you will keep updated with info about the program through SMS notifications.

In-Person Registration at Utility Stores: You could otherwise go physically to any of these stores and register in person. These are super emporiums that are administered by the government while selling the groceries using the subsidy program. Be set to present your CNIC if you need to verify your attendance among registrants.

Notes on Registration:

  • Make sure that all information you present in your CNIC is properly at registration.
  • The attendees corresponding to a single National Identity Card are to register only once.
  • Multiple people from the same family may be registered under one CNIC but they will separate between CNIC and a subsidized grocery box.

Benefits of Participating in the 5566 Rashan Program

One of the most significant advantages of the 5566 Rashing Program is that it will provide participants with the opportunity to purchase grocery items at lower prices. Here’s what you can expect: Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reduced Prices: You can buy locally produced and low-priced food items like flour, sugar, lentils, and cooking oil at prices, that are far less than those in Shopping malls. This can mean making the difference between good and bad decisions towards your food and eventually result in huge savings on your grocery bill.
  • Enhanced Food Security: The initiative is a lifesaver for many low-income families because it allows them to extend their budget, facilitating the acquisition of nutritious food staples. This leads to a healthier diet with balanced nourishment.
  • Financial Relief: The fact that discounts here make huge differences in the wallets of families changes households’s expenditures a lot, leaving more money for fundamental services such as education, health care, or home construction.

The specific items and discount percentages might vary depending on program updates and availability. You’ll need to present your CNIC and any additional program-issued identification at the Utility Store to avail of the discounts.


Knowing about the 5566 Rashan Program and the way through which to enroll for the program will surely be of great help keeping your family in good health. Feel free to join us by registering through SMS or in person by dropping by at our Utility Store and in doing so you will get opportunities to purchase your food items on promotion and this will save you from financial support. Please note that the application which would be on the Web is not available yet though registration is extremely easy and will reward you with huge discounts or deals on your groceries.

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Who is eligible for the 5566 Rashan Program?

Pakistani citizens with low income levels are eligible for the program. Eligibility can be confirmed by sending a text message with the CNIC number (without hyphens) to the designated number.

What are the registration options for the 5566 Rashan Program?

Registration can be done either via SMS by sending the CNIC number to 5566 or in person at Utility Stores. Each CNIC can only be registered once, but multiple family members can be registered under one CNIC.

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