Wed. Jun 5th, 2024

As you know, poverty has reached its peak in Pakistan. The Pakistani government is determined to end the suffering of the poor and needy. Therefore, a free atta scheme is launched under which free atta will be given to poor people. If you want to enroll in the free Atta program, you should read this article carefully as all the information about registration and eligibility is given in this article. 

When the free atta scheme be launched?

The Program is recently started in 2024 with the Nighaban Program. Through this program, Maryam Nawaz will provide food to poor people in Punjab during Ramadan. Similarly, Ali Amin Gandapur of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also decided to give aid of Rs 10,000 to its poor people during Ramadan so that they can manage their expenses during Ramadan. It is a great initiative by both Governments.

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Complete the survey to get yourself registered

Those who have not yet completed their survey should do so. First of all, to get registered in the 8171 Ehsaas program free atta scheme, you have to complete the survey so that you will easily receive assistance from the program. They don’t need to go anywhere for the survey, a survey team is established which will go home to home and collect all information and details about the family.

Registration Process (Step by Step)

As shared with you in the above paragraph you have to first complete the survey to get yourself registered in the free atta scheme. The team will come to your house and you have to provide all the necessary information to the team so that they will check whether you are eligible to get free atta or not. You don’t have to go anywhere to register yourself.

Check your Eligibility through 8070

After completing the survey, you can check your eligibility by texting your ID number to 8070. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, you will not be able to get this aid and also you cannot check your availability by texting to 8070.

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How many people will receive this aid?

The decision of the survey was taken on the specific recommendation of Maryam Nawaz. This food should be delivered to the poor. The finance minister said in a recent meeting that he would give free flour to Pakistanis.

Accordingly, you will receive food and approximately 100 million people will receive this support. Poor People in Punjab should make sure that they are enrolled in the program to not miss this opportunity.


Pakistan Government officials have relaunched the ‘Ehsaas Atta Programme’ to provide free wheat flour to those facing financial difficulties. The program provides a total investment of Rs 6,400 billion to 100 million people by distributing free atta bags of 10 kg each to eligible people. Registration can be done online through the 8070 portal or by texting CNIC to 8070. All eligible candidates will receive a recommendation and will be able to claim their free 10kg atta from the program. 

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