Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Good News! The Punjab Government Launches Free Laptop Scheme After 7 Years, Latest News 2024

After a seven-year hiatus, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has given the program the all clear to resume. Punjab government has declared that students there would once more get the newest laptops. Reintroduction of the laptop scheme was decided upon at a meeting hosted by CM Maryam to examine improvements in the higher education sector. Additionally on the agenda were student transportation options and the promotion of higher education.

Punjab Laptop Scheme 2024 Key Points

  • Restarting the laptop program was decided to help students with their studies.
  • The forum highlighted the need of encouraging Punjab higher education.
  • Over 0.65 million students are registered in Punjabi public and private universities, it was disclosed.
  • The briefing indicates that 56% of university students are female and 44% are male.

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Empowering Students through Technology

The core of Maryam Nawaz’s project is using technology to empower students. The government wants to close the digital divide and provide kids the tools they need to succeed in the digitally-driven world of today by giving them iPads and laptops. At the conference, CM Maryam gave the order to start a student survey in order to get important information for the iPad and laptop plans to be implemented successfully.Emphasizing that the administration is dedicated to upgrading higher education.

Purpose of Free Laptop Scheme

Under the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, Maryam Nawaz’s Laptop Scheme brings in a new era of student empowerment and technology growth in Punjab’s educational scene. Through giving pupils necessary digital tools, the project seeks to close the digital gap, promote academic success, and equip young people for success in the digital era. Dedicated to openness, justice, and creativity, this program aims to improve many lives and open doors for Punjab kids to have better futures.


Finally, bringing back the laptop program in Punjab is a big step in the direction of empowering kids and encouraging further study. The government wants to give the young people the skills they need to succeed in the digital era of today by giving them access to modern technology. With this project, the government states its dedication to creating an atmosphere that is favorable to learning and growth.

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Why is Punjab resuming the laptop program?
Giving students the newest laptops is meant to help them in their studies.

What is the student body size of Punjabi universities?
Punjab has about 65,000 students enrolled in its public and private universities.

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