Wed. Jun 5th, 2024

Many governments have created Ramadan packages with different names to help the needy and poor. Now it is Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s turn. Maryam Nawaz was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Punjab on 29 February 2024. After taking oath, in her speech in the Punjab Assembly, she announced a new Ramadan program called Neghaban. The Neghaban plan is an expansion of the Ehsaas plan but has a different name. In this program, the poor and needy people of our country will receive aid and financial assistance.

As the month of Ramadan approaches, Maryam Nawaz, who was appointed as the new president, announced the Rashan Aid Program within the framework of the Neghaban Program. It is better for the poor, with the help of this they will be able to spend Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. This is Sadqa e jaaria and the government is working hard to achieve this.

How you will be registered?

If you meet all the eligibility requirements and want to register for the Negahban Program Ramadan Rashan Assistance Program 2024, you need not worry anymore because you do not need to go anywhere to register.

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Nigheban Program 2024 Survey

A survey will be conducted in March 2024 and workers will go door to door to obtain necessary information from eligible families. After the survey, families meeting the eligibility criteria will be eligible and the poor will be selected to receive free rashan. After registration, flour, pulses, sugar, ghee, etc. You will receive a Ramadan package containing the necessary materials.


The Neghaban scheme was launched by the Punjab government to help poor and needy people. Its main aim or objective is to give free Rashan to everyone who is eligible and completes the survey so that they can spend Ramadan easily and do not have to worry about Eid and how to complete their Eid requirements. This program aims to reduce poverty and help the poor live a happy life. The plan will expand Nawaz’s leadership under Punjab Chief Minister Maryam and provide more financial assistance to the poor.


How can you check online CNIC for the Nigheban Program?

You do not need to know the eligibility for the Nigheban program, you will be informed about it.

Is there any registration procedure for the Nigheban program?

You don’t have to register by yourself. A team will come to your house and all your details will be entered into the record by the team.

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