Tue. Jun 11th, 2024

The Punjab government has launched the Negahban Rashan Program 2024, led by Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz. The aim is to provide support during the holy month of Ramadan by donating Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Riayat and giving subsidies to the needy and people experiencing poverty.

Eligibility Criteria for the Negahban Program

To be eligible for Negahban Rashan Program 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Low poverty score of more than 30%
  • Below poverty line
  • Income Less than 60,000 rupees
  • No international travel history or passport production
  • No vehicle registration in the applicant’s name

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NGOs and Ramadan Rashan

Over the past few years, many NGOs, cash institutions, and organizations have donated food to people experiencing poverty. These boxes are often called Rashan Packs. Many resources are providing online services in Pakistan. You can choose the package you want to donate, search online, make a reservation, or transfer money. The package or basket will be delivered to your door.

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CM Punjab’s Announcement

The initiator of the Negahban Rashan Project, Maryam Nawaz, announced that she would distribute free rations to poor people through the Negahban Project. Maryam Nawaz was elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab, and in her first speech, she introduced the concept of Negahban. As of March 5, Rashan was distributed by the Negahban program. People who want to enroll in the program or have yet to receive a ration from the program. 

Poverty ScoreMore than 30%
IncomeLess than 60,000 rupees
International TravelNo history or passport production.
Vehicle RegistrationNone in the applicant’s name


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What poverty score should I have to enroll in the program?

You should have a Low poverty score of more than 30%.

How much income should I have to participate in this program?

You should have an Income of Less than 60,000 rupees.

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