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Immediately after becoming Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz launched many financial programs for people experiencing poverty. Among these, Maryam Nawaz Rashan Project 2024 was launched. Therefore, please verify your eligibility and registration. This article will walk you through the process of verifying your eligibility. If you encounter any problems, you can contact the Ehsaas office established in your region.

Financial support through the Negahban

As the chief minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz launched the Negahban scheme to provide financial support to low-income families. Donations are distributed to families in need through the Negahban project. What should you do if you want this Rashan? Let me tell you Maryam Nawaz announced that through this program, the money will be distributed to your home. You can collect food from your home if you want to participate in the plan. 

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Eligibility Criteria

The Ramadan Assistance Program eligibility criteria have been carefully designed to cover a wide range of people, including people from poor and middle-class backgrounds:

This measure ensures that financially disadvantaged people can benefit from the program.

  • This program is specifically aimed at people below the poverty line and is designed to provide them with a lot of assistance.
  • People whose salary is below Rs 60,000 are also eligible for the job. This service can help people affected by inflation who have difficulty meeting their needs.
  • Eligibility is valid for people who have not traveled abroad; This means they are eligible for work even without a passport.

The Ramadan fund aims to reach and support many people experiencing financial difficulties according to the eligibility criteria.

Program Name:Negahban Ramzan Rashan Program 2024
Purpose:Provide financial support and food aid to low-income families during Ramadan
Eligibility Criteria:People below the poverty line, salary below Rs 60,000, have not traveled abroad
Registration Process:eligibility check via CNIC. Contact Ehsaas office for assistance if needed.

Checking Eligibility for Negahban

Check Eligibility for Ramzan Rashan Program Maryam Nawaz announced that she will enroll in the new Negahban Ramzan Rashan Program. So, check your eligibility via CNIC now. This program is specially designed for low-income families in Punjab. For this reason, free flour and food aid are provided to poor and needy families during Ramadan.


Please read this article carefully if you are a low-income family and need a monthly salary. In this article, we have explained the process of checking eligibility for the Ramzan Rashan Scheme 2024, and you can check your name on the Ramzan Rashan Scheme list. You can check your eligibility via CNIC to enroll in the program designed for low-income families in Punjab.

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Who is eligible for the Negahban Ramzan Rashan Program?

Eligibility criteria include individuals below the poverty line, with a salary below Rs 60,000, and those without travel abroad.

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