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The poor and needy are the center of attention of the Negahban Rashan program in 2024. These people deserve it because they are needy and poor. The poverty score is below 30 percent. This donation is for the poor and needy. Suppose you want to qualify for this job and get your financial aid. So, all the methods here are explained to you. Read the article carefully.

You can purchase the required aid packages from any local store or utility the newly elected Chief Minister of the Province of Punjab provides. Therefore, you can buy the ingredients at any local Negahban market. The registration process for this program is quite simple. All procedures are explained to you in the article.

Eligibility through the Utility Stores

During Ramadan, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has taken a significant step in providing free Rashan to vulnerable people. Specific procedures can be found here for those interested in online registration and eligibility.

People will be guided through these steps to apply and benefit from the site’s advantages. The Professional Utilities website provides a registration form under the management system, allowing users to access their statistics conveniently. When necessary, resources are distributed door-to-door in the community.

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Getting Rashan Nearby Areas

This article explains people’s search for new ideas for enrolling in the Nigheban program. People can visit Negahban Registration Survey Centers in nearby areas to check their CNIC cards with the help of agents to access important information to ensure job eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria:Poverty score below 30%, needy and poor individuals
Registration Process:Online registration procedures explained, resources distributed door-to-door
Purchase of Aid Packages:Aid packages are available at local utility stores or Negahban markets
New Packages Proposed:Negahban Rashan Program, Ramadan Ration Program, Benazir Development Program, Agosh Program, Student Laptop Program

5 New Packages

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has proposed 5 new packages on behalf of the Punjab government to solve the hunger problem of the poor people in Punjab and improve their daily lives. This article details the financial sourcing or distribution of funds under these programs, which include the Nigehbaan Rashan Program, Ramadan Ration Progra, Benazir Development Program, Agosh Program, and Student Laptop Program.


People applying for Ramadan rations will be guided through the appropriate process. Once they qualify, they want to visit a nearby utility store, and the local representative will test their CNIC playing cards and provide them with a card payment subsidy for Ramadan. 30% off your purchase. If you have any questions, you can contact the helpline provided by Maryam Nawaz for Rashan.

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How can people qualify for the Negahban Rashan Ramadan Program through utility stores?

People can purchase required aid packages from any local utility store or Negahban market provided by the Punjab government.

What are the 5 new packages proposed by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz to address hunger among low-income people?

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