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How to Check Your 8123 Program Payment Today Update 2024

The Punjab government introduced the 8123 program to give low-income households financial support. A monthly subsidy of Rs. 2,000 is given to qualifying families, which they can use to pay for necessities including food, medicine, and utilities. To find out the status of your 8123 program, use the instructions in this blog post.

What is the 8123 Program 2024?

The Punjabi government’s 8123 program provides qualifying families with a monthly subsidy of Rs. 2,000, allowing them to buy necessities like food, medicine, and utilities. By giving financial support to worthy families, this initiative seeks to alleviate poverty and inequality in Punjab and support families with difficulty meeting their necessities.

Send an SMS to 8123Include CNIC number and name
Receive return SMSProvides program status
Visit official websiteEnter CNIC and name for status, subsidy amount, and payment history
Apply for a new subsidy via SMS to 5566Include CNIC and name, and follow the instructions for the online form

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How to Check Your 8123 Program

Checking the status of your 8123 program is simple and requires only that you follow the instructions provided.

  • Send an SMS to 8123, including your CNIC number and name.
  • Receive a return SMS with your program’s status.

To check your program status online, go to the official website and input your CNIC number and name. The website shows your program’s status, subsidy amount, and payment history.

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Update Subsidy 5566 Update and Apply Procedure 2024

The Punjab government has introduced a new monthly subsidy of Rs. 1,000 for eligible families under the 8123 program, replacing the existing Rs. 2,000 subsidy. To apply, families must send an SMS with their CNIC number and name, receive a unique registration number, fill out an online registration form, upload necessary documents, and submit and wait for approval. This subsidy aims to reduce poverty and inequality in Punjab by providing additional financial support.

Benefits of the 8123 Program

The 8123 program offers several advantages to qualified families, including:

  • Monthly cash assistance of Rs. 3,000.
  • Access to essentials such as food, medication, and utilities
  • Goals aim to empower low-income households and reduce poverty and inequality.

The initiative intends to provide financial support to low-income households in Punjab, allowing them to purchase necessities such as food, medicine, and utilities while also eliminating poverty and inequality.

How to Apply for the 8123 Program

The 8123 program application process is simple and requires sending an SMS with your CNIC number and name. A unique registration number and an online registration form are provided. Fill out the form, upload necessary documents (CNIC, income proof, utility bills), and submit. The program offers various benefits and opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career in the field. To apply, ensure to apply online or send an SMS to 8123, gather the necessary documents, complete the online form accurately, and wait for clearance.


The 8123 program provides financial assistance to deserving families. To check program status and apply for the latest subsidy, follow the steps outlined in this blog post online or send an SMS to 8123, ensuring all necessary documents are provided.

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What is the final date to apply for the 8123 program?

The application deadline for the program changes annually, so it’s recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Can I apply for the program in 2024?

The program can only be applied for online through the official website or by sending an SMS to 8123.

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