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5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program - A Guide for Pakistani Residents (1)

The 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program, established by the Pakistani government, aims to provide essential food items at discounted prices to registered individuals and families. This program offers much-needed relief to those facing economic challenges by making necessities more affordable. Whether you’re a new resident or haven’t participated before, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the program effectively

Program Objectives

The 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program aims to improve food security for underprivileged households by providing essential items like flour, sugar, ghee, and pulses at subsidized rates. This ensures a balanced diet and promotes overall well-being. Additionally, the program aims to reduce the financial strain of high food costs on low-income families by enabling them to manage their budgets more effectively, freeing up resources for other essential needs.

Program ObjectivesEligibility CriteriaRegistration ProcessProgram Benefits
Improve food security for underprivileged householdsRegistered citizens in Pakistan, typically low-income familiesThe SMS-based system sends a specific code to a designated number, await confirmationSubsidized essential food items, reduced grocery expenses, improved food security

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Eligibility Criteria

The 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program, accessible to registered citizens in Pakistan, typically prioritizes low-income families and requires registration for benefits. The official income threshold may vary, but these are anticipated criteria based on available information. Official eligibility requirements may differ pending government announcement. Those who haven’t completed the registration process will need to do so.

Registration Process

The program registration process is an SMS-based system, where participants send a specific code to a designated phone number, often “5566,” to register. They may receive a confirmation message or be asked for verification information. The exact code, verification process, and phone number may vary, so it’s advisable to stay updated on registration details through official government channels.

Program Benefits

The 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program offers low-income families subsidized essential food items, improving food security and reducing the risk of food insecurity. Participating stores provide discounted food, helping families maintain a healthy diet. Additionally, the program reduces grocery expenses, easing the financial burden on low-income households.

How to Use the Program (After Registration)

Once you’ve successfully registered, here’s a general idea of how to utilize the program’s benefits:

  • Visit Utility Stores: To locate a participating utility store near you, visit government websites or official mobile apps to access a list of stores.
  • Bring CNIC: For verification purposes, it is necessary to bring your original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • SMS Verification (Optional): In certain instances, you may need to send a specific SMS code upon reaching the store to confirm your registration status.
  • Discounted Purchase: Select the subsidized grocery items you require. The store will apply the relevant discounts at checkout.

The specific verification process and SMS codes might change. Rely on official government announcements for the latest program procedures.


The 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program is a crucial resource for Pakistani residents struggling with financial constraints, offering subsidized groceries to ensure access to essential food items, thereby improving household food security through registration and program guidelines.

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What is the registration code for the 5566 Utility Store Subsidy Program?

The exact registration code might change. Stay updated by checking official government websites and news channels for the latest information.

How can I find a participating utility store near me?

You can typically find a list of participating stores on government websites or through official mobile apps.

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